Welcome to PilatesConnect©

So glad you're here!

Hi, I'm Aoife and I'm so happy to be able to connect with you here.

CONNECTION is right at the core of  who we are as human beings and it is absolutely necessary for our HEALTH & WELL-BEING.

I'm excited to offer this new PilatesConnect© course to help you connect, move and learn how to feel better in your body, in yourself and be able to heal, overcome and continue to stay active as you're going through life.


10-Week Movement Course

PilatesConnect© is a 10-week course designed to teach you how to move away from stiffness, aches, pain, low energy and brain fog into feeling strong, flexible, clear-headed and able.

There are 3 core connections this course focuses on to help you heal issues in your body's tissues and break free from the circle of tightness and fatigue that can keep you down:

HOW all your body's moving parts are CONNECTED to create one moving unit (biomechanics).

HOW your body is CONNECTED to your brain and Nervous-System (neuroscience) which affects how you feel in your body & how your body feels to you

HOW the environment & circumstances you live in directly relate and interconnect to your body's health and resiliency.

With PilatesConnect© You Will Understand:

🗸 WHAT is going on in your body.

🗸 WHY is this happening.

🗸 HOW to resolve and change the situation.

Because when you understand the What, Why & How:

🗸 YOU can make different Choices.

🗸 YOU can develop New Patterns.

🗸 YOU can build your Strength, Flexibility & ability to adapt.

PilatesConnect© is MORE than just
Pilates Exercises.

Yes, you will learn the Principles & Foundations of Pilates, you will certainly learn how to move with your body, BUT also dive deeper into understanding how the body works (biomechanics) and how it connects to the brain (neuroscience) so you can create a movement pattern that works for YOU - your unique body! 

By the end of the 10 weeks you will know:

🗸 WHAT works for you.

🗸 WHY it works for you. 

🗸 HOW to keep going AND

🗸 CONTINUE to improve.

What's Included

  • Course Material

    Weekly Video & Audio content for self practice and deeper learning with progressions and self-assessments.

  • Weekly Group Sessions

    Weekly Group Class/Session via Zoom bringing week's content together followed by discussion and Q&A. Recording will be provided.

  • Private Facebook Group

    For more social interaction with other course participants and like minded people. Some banter, extra support and extra tips.

How Does PilatesConnect© Work?

This course will engage you both on a physical and mental level connecting all the parts into a coherent and consistent practice that works for you.

Here's what you'll get during the 10-week course:

  • Each week you will have material to go through and practice exploring a specific element of movement / nervous-system / biomechanics.

  • Material will be presented by a few short video tutorials and mostly audio files (cutting screen time and increasing movement time).

  • You will have self-assessments, a place to ask questions and get clarifications when you need to on a daily basis within the course (no need to wait for group call).

  • Your progress is monitored throughout the weeks with individual and personal communication.

  • You will be guided to create a routine around each week’s element.

  • We have a weekly LIVE group call for check-ins & a full class/session to bring the week's material into a whole body movement.

  • You will receive a recording of the weekly session to continue practicing and will be guided to practice it again throughout the following weeks as you learn to incorporate more into your movement. 

  • You will be able to join a Private Facebook Group where you can get even more social interaction and support from other course participants and teacher.

You will learn

How small processes like breathing can move your body in a big way so that you move with more ease and less effort.

How to use the small and big movements to shift from feeling overwhelmed, stressed or fatigued.

What your tension patterns are and how these effect you physically and mentally so that you feel more in control of your stress.

How to release tension patterns, positively change them and develop new patterns to better support yourself through challenges / adversities

Option of routines that are sensitive to your changing needs so you don't get stuck and keep moving even on "bad" days.

You will get expert guidance, gain knowledge and experience the power of:





Not sure this course is for you?

Let's Have A Chat.

If you're not sure this program would suit you and have some issues you would like to discuss, let's grab a cuppa (coffee for myself) and chat. We'll chat about your concerns, clarify any issues you may have and take it from there.

Course Dates & Cost

Our very first cohort of PilatesConnect© will start 19th April 2021 .

Group Calls/Sessions (via Zoom) on THURSDAYS @ 7PM.

Because we'll be using a new platform and delivering a lot of your training in a new way, we're offering this course for the FIRST GROUP at a REDUCED PRICE.

This is the only time we'll be offering the Full 10-Week Program for only €467 divided over 3 payments:

  • Booking deposit of €155 at sign-up.

  • Balance will be processed over 2 payments of €156 - The 1st at the beginning of the course and the 2nd the following month.


  • Do I need to have special computer or tech skills to do the course??

    No. As long as you have a good quality internet connection, logging into the course and going through the content is literally just a mouse click. Our weekly classes/sessions are run via Zoom so you might have to install the app. A direct clickable link will be emailed to you to join the live call.

  • I'm really out of "shape" and haven't done any exercised for years. Would this course be too hard for me?

    No. This course is built to help you understand the body you have right now and teaches you a process of how to move more in a way that works for your body. Over the 10 weeks you'll feel progress and improvement in your abilities and build the strength & flexibility to do more.

  • I've been doing Pilates for years. Would this course be too easy for me?

    The aim of this course is not to make things hard on your body but that is not to say you won't be challenged. This course dives deeper than performing exercises. It teaches how to move with your own body to keep it strong, healthy and flexible. This course teaches you a system that enables you to adapt when circumstances change.

  • Do I need to go through course material before the weekly call & live class?

    If you want to fully benefit from the course and get the most out of the weekly live sessions it's best you take time to go through the week's material before the live session. The live call and classes are there to bring together all that you've learned and practiced through the week with your teacher's eye, knowledge and support in real time. The aim of this program is to help you feel better, reduce aches & pains, regulate your nervous-system, sleep better etc. EVERY DAY (not just once a week!). For that, the weekly course material will help you find the practices and consistency you need to support yourself for the long run.

  • What if I cannot make the live sessions?

    If you cannot make the live call a recording will be uploaded into your course material so you'll be able to watch and practice when it suits you. You will still get support and guidance with personal communications.

  • What are the Cancellations & Refunds Policy

    We expect participants to honour their investment & their health and show up for themselves 100%. The course content, live sessions, recordings and support are packed with information and practices that can work for you when you consistently engage and work with it. If after 30 days of following the program in full and giving it your best you feel this course is not right for you, we will refund your payments. If you should request a refund a processing fee of €50 will be retained. No refunds will be available beyond 30 days.

Have some more questions?

Missed the starting date?

Please don't hesitate to EMAIL US. We want to make sure that all your questions are answered and if you're interested in getting information WHEN NEXT COURSE BEGINS - let us know.